Before Midnight



Conflict is that thing that makes life exciting! Be honest. Whether it’s a cheating spouse or a co-worker’s arrogance, these actions create the protagonist and antagonist that is necessary for a good story. And depending on other circumstances, those conflicts can become heightened and even borderline obsessive.

Before Midnight, directed by Richard Linklater, embraces everyday human interaction: the awkward pauses, the forced intimacy, and the realities of aging. Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, masterfully play a middle-aged couple on a family vacation. That’s the story. Yes, there were moments of revelation, anger, and insecurity. But it was all pretty innocent.

Real life is not consecutive days of huge conflicts and passionate resolutions.This film is a direct reflection of our everyday lives. So because we’re all so boring, it did not receive an Oscar nod.