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"Milking It" short film is a dark romantic comedy – a story that follows a presumably motherless young woman through three successive relationships, as she seduces men with the sole purpose of befriending their mothers.

STATUS: Feature film in development

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Seven Days In New York is a feature documentary art film that follows the lives of seven charismatic New Yorkers in their daily routines. The film mirrors the days of the week with each subject chronicled on a separate day. Shot in an observational, cinema verité style, with an original jazz score, the film records the subjects of the film—unique personalities who capture the New York of past and present: Sherwood, New York’s finest tour guide since 1990; Johan, Swedish transplant and artist-apprentice since 1990; Monae, Hair Queen of Harlem since 1983; Sara and Everardo, incorporating art and architecture into the city’s landscape since 1987; Billy, mixing drinks and patrons since 1999; Carline, the mother of SoHo children's couture since 1995; and Hal, the Bicycle Doc since 1978. These intimate portraits depict issues of aging, identity, gentrification, and urban planning in a modern day New York City—with each subject bringing a signature blend of perseverance, wit, and grit.

STATUS: Streaming HERE